Restorative Veneers in Mundelein, IL

Dentist examining a patient's teethIf you find that your teeth aren’t as nice as you want them, suffering from being tarnished, damaged, or excessively weakened, then nothing on the market rejuvenates them like our veneers in Mundelein, IL. Apart from our more on-the-spot style treatments, such as bridges, Smile Makers of Mundelein offers more comprehensive solutions to damaged teeth. Also known as dental onlays, this solution helps with everything from permanent discoloration to missing teeth to gaps. Dental veneers not only look great, but they also function identically to your real teeth.

Realism You Won’t Believe

While dentures have been the go-to solution when replacing natural teeth for hundreds of years, they have always been flawed. With the latest advances in dental technology, we can now address these problems with ceramic and porcelain veneers. Our onlays function exactly like your normal teeth, remaining firmly in your mouth at all times and being no more difficult to care for than your normal teeth. Depend on our team to perfectly measure your mouth and install onlays that look like your original teeth, but even more straight and beautiful than ever before.


Contact us today to go over your option for customizing dental veneers. We are proud to serve Mundelein, Illinois, and the surrounding area.